Saturday, May 21, 2011

What, exactly, IS a "Soft Opening"??

In public service business, a "soft opening" is the dress rehearsal for the Grand Opening of a business. In our case, it is a small run-through for the Grand Opening of the Farmer's Market Season. It is an extra day for vendors to set up and test their setup and timing before the big day. Market coordinators can plan location assignments, make adjustments, and get feedback from customers to apply on the big day.

The goal of a soft opening is to utilize a small test set of customers in order to create a buzz and to test your product or process. Having everything operational and being able to test it all while not being pressed down under the pressure of waiting customers can be a huge benefit."

Our soft opening is today, and while not highly advertised or populated by many vendors, we encourage you to stop by and see what is being offered!

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